Swift Mobile APP Development Services

Introduced by Apple for the development of iOS and Mac Apps, Swift is an efficient and feature-rich high-level programming language. The iOS apps built on Swift run very fast and are quite interactive. Besides developing new apps for a range of platforms namely, iOS, macOS, watchOS Swift can also be used in revamping existing apps. CorDream Studio has a dedicated team of skilled and experienced iOS app developers who are well versed in the language to develop a wide variety of apps swiftly. Our Swift mobile app development services are customized to your specific business requisites.

Business Benefits Of Swift App Development

According to Tim Cook, Swift is the next big programming language developers will be building apps in. Designed for the enterprises, this language is easier to read for developers, almost like English. Furthermore, the language is comparatively new in the market, making it all the more desirable by developers and enterprises alike.

See how businesses can benefit from Swift app development:

Our Swift App Development Services

CorDream provides end-to-end Swift app development services to clients across diverse industry verticals spanning small startups and mid-level companies to large scale enterprises. We use the interactive programming tool to develop amazing applications on the iOS platform. We also use the highly functional programming language to reduce development speed and bring down overhead costs of your business.

An overview our Swift app development process:

1. Ideation
Idea refining and streamlining to make the app meet business objectives.

2. UI/UX Design
Designing an effective and interactive UI/UX to ensure engagement.

3. QA & Testing
Rigorous testing of concepts, visual elements and features.

Developing strategies, resource allocation and prototyping.

5. Swift Coding
Writing & implementing simple yet functional codes & syntax.

6. Deployment
Following a systematic plan for easy deployment of the app.