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Branding and branding strategy
A set of measures to create a brand will help form a stable positive image of the company, increase its competitiveness and increase sales. This service includes the following marketing communications: trademark, naming, corporate identity, positioning, product packaging, advertising messages, and more.
The branding strategy determines the next steps for the company. This whole complex and time-consuming process can be broken down into four stages: research, brand development, brand promotion, and brand management.
In a professional sense, a brand is a meaningful term. It includes many components: creating a trademark, packaging design, solving the issue of positioning a product on the market, constantly influencing the consumer by means of advertising, conducting promotional campaigns. Thus, there is a competition on two fronts – commodity and communication. Therefore, for the successful formation of a positive image of the company on the market, it is necessary to correctly position the brand.
Prices for complex Branding – from AUD $ 3000.