Treat yourself to more than just hosting!
Website hosting with maintenance
Our hosting is unique and different from just regular hosting. In addition to providing space for your site, we carry out round-the-clock monitoring of the site’s performance, renew your domain on time, and also monitor and prevent any viruses from entering your site. Also, you can always ask our specialists to make minor changes to your site so that you do not understand this and shift these responsibilities onto us.
Optimal Hosting for a Business Website – AUD $550 per year.
(Suitable for all types of sites from landing pages to business sites, including online stores with up to 7 thousand products and mini-platforms)
Advanced E-Commerce Solution – AUD $1550 per year.
(Suitable for medium to large online stores or platforms)
Benefits of working with us
Our differences, achievements and experience of our developers.
Rapid reaction

If something suddenly happens to the site or it becomes unavailable, our specialists will respond and fix the problem within 30 minutes.

Website protection

We protect your site from Ddoss attacks and various viruses, if your site for some reason has become infected with a virus, we will promptly eliminate it.

Daily backups

Our servers make daily backups of the site in case something happens to the site and it stops responding.

Website maintenance

We will replace texts, forms, add simple pages that do not require design intervention at no additional cost.

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Anti-spam system

We will install an ANTI-spam system on your site so that you receive only the messages you need from real customers.

24/7 support

Support – which works for you, and is ready to solve any of your problems, so that you can always remain calm.

High-speed hosting

Your website will be hosted on high speed hosting to ensure that your site runs smoothly at all times.

Low cost

We keep low prices for all our services so that you can easily take advantage of the opportunities.