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NODE Development is considered as the perfect solution for developing data-intesive, real-time mobile apps and web. Based on JavaScript, Node.js can be used both at the backend and frontend, making development simpler and easier. As a leading Node.js development company in Australia, we utilise this framework to develop high traffic-driven real-time applications, network applications and mobile applications of all sizes and scale. Avail our Node.js mobile app development services at cost effective price.

Benefits of Node.js Development Services

Our Node.js developers from CorDream Studio utilize this platform to the fullest for providing you with the following benefits.

  • Faster I/O operations
    Node.js is built to handle asynchronous I/O operations using a single thread called the Event Loop ensuring faster reading or writing to the database, network connections or file systems.
  • Faster data streaming
    Node.js uses HTTP request and response as data streams resulting in faster processing of files during the uploading process. This power can be leveraged in deploying real-time video and audio recording.
  • Ease of coding
    Our Node.js, developers use JavaScript for both client and server side scripting, resulting in ease of data transport between server and browser. This ensures instant update of data on web pages with changes made in the server.
  • Node.js Community
    Being an open-source framework, there is a huge repository of dynamic tools and modules in the Node Package Manager (NPM). Further, the immense popularity of the platform is making the Node community stronger with more updated tools and modules.
  • Caching of Modules
    Node.js enables module caching. When the modules are requested for the first time, they are automatically cached into the application memory thus preventing repeated module code execution for the next time it is called on.
  • Proxy Server
    For server-side applictions those need to pull in data from different sources, you may consider Node.js as a cost saving platform. Node.js can be used to proxy a number of services that have different response times. Thus, you may bypass the cost of setting up proxy infrastructure.

Node.js stands out as a technically advanced application development platform for both small and large scale businesses. Opt for our Node.js development services for robust and fast-operating web and mobile applications.

Some Areas Where Node.js is Very Useful

  • Real time web applications like chat and gaming apps
  • Single Page Applications based on JSON APIs
  • Creation of remote control apps
  • Data intensive and traffic-driven Applications

Hire Node.js developers from CorDream Studio for your custom web & mobile application development projects.

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